投资职责 投资职责 投资职责 差价合约(CFDs)是以差数进行交易的复杂金融产品。由于杠杆缘故,交易差价合约需要承受亏损的高风险,76.14% 的零售客户在交易差价合约CFDs产品时有所亏损。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受亏损的高风险。 差价合约 (CFD)是以差数进行交易的复杂金融产品。由于杠杆缘故,交易差价合约需要承受亏损的高风险,79.83% 的零售客户在交易差价合约CFDs产品时有所亏损。您需要懂得CFDs的交易原理以及您是否能承受亏损的高风险。
交易职责: 投资差价合约CFDs产品有重大的亏损风险。

UK Forex Awards: FxPro goes from strength to strength

26 September 2018, London. The 7th instalment of the UK Forex Awards took place on September 26, 2018 at the Steel Yard, London. Online broker, FxPro, goes from strength to strength in the FX industry since the company captivated two prestigious awards, the “Best Forex Technical Excellence” and the “Best Forex Trading Experience”.

The UK Forex Awards celebrate the best performing brokerages companies in the UK marketplace. Shares magazine readers, FX traders, the private trading community as well as an array of industry experts voted for the nominates that they feel have consistently performed to the best of their abilities across a range of industry specific parameters.

The event rewarded those international companies that have differentiated themselves with championing, cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs and world-class customer service.

Charalambos Psimolophitis
Ilya Holeu