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欢迎您用多平台账号直接在FxPro Direct app上直接交易。.

  • 您可以开设新的真实或模拟账号,仅需点击交易菜单,然后选择平台,杠杆以及基础货币点击“创建”即可。’
  • 从FxPro App 获得FxPro交易平台登录信息以及MT4账号。
  • In the ‘Quotes’ tab you will find your most traded financial assets arranged in the order you trade them. Use the ‘Search’ bar to find the required asset. You can then create Watchlists to track your favourites.
  • In the ‘History’ tab, you can sort through the completed financial transactions chronologically and view their details.
  • By opening the tab of each asset, you will see its price movement in real-time.
  • Choose one of the 8 available timeframes, chart types and other current information with live market Buy-Sell prices.
  • The card of each asset contains its current Buy-Sell quotes. You can expand the chart to full screen, change its type and time frame.
  • You can also scroll down to find the main asset specification (located underneath the chart): spread type, contract size, swap type and more. There are several trading widgets as well: the ratio of sellers and buyers (among FxPro clients), and the highs and lows of today’s prices.